This book has been a part of me for over six years, and it started as notes to heal myself. It was not easy to know that I am a lesbian, but more than that, it was not easy to deal with it. I hope this can be a guide to anyone in the situation I was, one of not knowing. No matter what stage of your journey you may be in, I hope the book can help you.


For the other people who know who they are, I hope this book can help them as well in dealing with some issues that they go through in life and when they don’t know whom to turn to or how to deal with it. Use this book as a guide, as a way to help yourself and anyone around you, including your partner.


The book is not designed to be a long and dragged-out book; it is made with love and with a hope that I can reach out to a lot of lives, making a change, a difference in some lives. For those of you who are male and like the same sex, it may be hard on you. Society sometimes is more OK with lesbians or women liking women than with men liking men. So sometimes the stereotype with men liking men is more difficult, not only for you but also for your father and family. Embrace yourself and love yourself; do not let anything or anyone take your happiness and joy from you.


For those who touch and read this book and only know or have someone in their family who likes the same sex, know that the fear and being unaccepted by those we love can hurt us so much that it breaks some of us, especially if the ones we have always known to love us turn their backs on us. Please think of your comments or actions first before saying, “What a waste” or “Your being gay makes me ashamed of who you are.” Comments like this hurt more than we can tell you or explain. A lot of you think this is a choice for us, but it is not. If you love them, show them. Love who they are, and do not judge whom they love. Love them unconditionally. Not much has changed!


To all of you, I give you my book, with all my heart and good intentions of self-development and acceptance and relationship growth.


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